Federal Immigration and Nationality Law are complex areas of law that apply to foreign nationals and govern the legal status of people in the United States. In order to visit or immigrate permanently to the United States, a person must either apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa or an Immigrant Visa. The process of determining which visa a person should apply for requires a great deal of analysis of each individual’s specific case. It is also equally important to determine if the foreign national will be considered inadmissible into the United States. This process requires a thorough inquiry and investigation into the person’s personal background including their past and present marriages, children, employment, residences, past immigration record, health record, financial record, and criminal record.


Once in the United States, foreign nationals may experience a number of events in their lives that can impact their legal status in this country. Examples of events which may trigger immigration implications include an arrest, criminal conviction, divorce, marriage, receipt of public assistance, an immigration violation and more. When events like these occur, an experienced attorney can guide you and keep you informed of the immigration laws. The attorney may also be able to assist you in gaining or maintaining your legal status in the United States.

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